Wyatt Group

About Us

Wyatt Group is an independent third-party audit and supply chain verification company with expertise in the Agriculture, Cannabis and Food Service industries with an emphasis on Sustainability. Along with its affiliates, Wyatt Group provides on-site audits and verification internationally including but not limited to the US, West Africa, Central and South America and Southeast Asia for Agriculture categories including cannabis, cocoa, coffee, cotton, veg oils and edible nuts to name a few.

With decades of experience from production through finished goods, Wyatt provides solutions ranging from farm and facility audits, to guideline and checklist development, to supply chain monitoring and verification. Areas of audit focus may include: Global GAP, child labor, female participation, deforestation, GPS mapping, farmer and worker safety and social infrastructure. All of these points can be geared toward a custom audit program to established industry/trade association registered programs. At Wyatt Group, we create bespoke solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs.